Meet Ms. Godavari: Believer, Doer, Achiever

The story of a little girl, who took her first steps on getting started on the journey of learning and enlightenment. The day she promised herself to never look back. With determination and hope, there she stood at the threshold of the foundation, that would lead her to the world of opportunities: The Sampark Foundation. 

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“The secret to achievement is getting started”.

-Mark Twain

Godavari is the name of a sacred river in India. It has been worshiped in Hindu scriptures for epochs. It is known to harbour and nourish a rich cultural heritage and support farmers for agriculture. Isn’t it fascinating to see how a name can have such influence? Godavari reflects the qualities of being resolute and kind.

Born in a family where her father is a farmer and mother a homemaker, she is the second child to her parents and has three younger siblings. Coming from a small village, she very well recognized the hardships of life and knew right then that to change the fate of her family she would need to walk that extra mile. She believed that a step taken in the right direction would not only make a positive impact on her life but also on the lives of those who were like her. She knew she had to make that start. That is why she joined one of our schools under the umbrella of the Sampark Foundation in Khukdi.

Godavari started as a student of class one in the year 2006. Then on, it was only a way forward. Throughout eight persistent years of hard work at the school, she did not let her spark fade off. Always meticulous, humble, and willing to learn, she kept going. Her life was shaping up. 

Her goal was to become a teacher and give back to the society just the way as she had received. She wanted to support her family financially and become independent. 

Today, Godavari is pursuing a Diploma course in Electronics Engineering from Girls Technical Institute (GTI), Bareilly. She wants to opt for higher studies once she finishes the course. 

It is a moment of pride to mention that she is now, once again with us at the Khukdi school. This time not as a student but as a teacher. Yes! Godavari is a part of the Khukdi teaching staff as an English and Mathematics teacher in Pre- Primary and Primary classes. She was chosen out of fifteen applicants for the job based on her competence, exemplary skills and knowledge of the subjects. 

Godavari is an example of perseverance. The Sampark Foundation feels proud to have given her something that will stay with her forever. In lines with what Peter F. Drucker stated, but in a different connotation, quality is not in what we put in, but it is in what comes out. It is noteworthy to see how Godavari has come out to be a very fine woman who is educated and independent. That is what our foundation is here for- to educate and shape lives. 

Sampark (which means contact in english) with us is a Sampark with a literate tomorrow!